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Cost of Living in Turkey

First of all, the foreign student in Turkey needs for cost of living, starting from accommodation and living expenses such as food, transportation and entertainment, approximately 250-500 dollars per month, more or less depending on the style of life chosen by the student.

Turkey is one of the preferred countries to visit and reside by a lot of people ; We find large numbers of different nationalities who come to Turkey every year for the purpose of tourism, work, study, or to stay and live in Turkey, because the cost of living in Turkey is relatively low than the cost of living in Europe and many Gulf countries, the number of visitor is increasing year by year.

According to Tüik, Turkey attracted a record number of visitors with 51.9 million people in 2019, according to official data.

A decent life requires the basic needs of food, clothing, housing, and other public services but it is hard to find such a place like this with fair cost. On the other hand, in Turkey everything is available, everything what the heart desires.

Turkey is one of the cheapest countries to live in according to many aspects. A study published in Numbeo website show that, Cost of living in Turkey is 55.24% lower than in United States and Rent in Turkey is, on average, 83.25% lower than in United States.

It is impressive, right? let me tell you why


variety options for accommodation
As I mentioned before Turkey is one of the cheapest countries to live in.

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State dormitories:

Almost all the state housing and university dormitories in Turkey are separate for male and female students. The number of residents in the room varies from one room to another, for example, a room for two or a room for three people, that what determines the price of the room.
Each room has its own privacy and there are some places for public gatherings within the residence such as the mosque, games hall, dining room and salons.
The monthly fees for dormitories vary from one university to another and according to the number of people in the room.
Monthly fees for dormitories operated by KYK range from 200 TL to 340 TL for 2020.
Most residences have their own cafeteria, student dormitories offer two meals, breakfast and lunch at a cheaper cost from abroad.

Private Dormitories:

It is more available and renting it is easier because it does not need application to accept in it, acceptance is guaranteed. Some of them are relate to a specific private university and most of them are general unrelated to a specific university and receive students from all universities.
Interior departments and private residences provide more services and a variety of options, including meals, housekeeping services, and ironing and ironing facilities. Moreover, the primary services are internet, heating and hot water throughout the year.
It is characterized by the presence of monitoring and safety systems; which many students prefer because of the high degree of safety and services they provide.
In addition, many interior departments and private residences, offer multiple sports facilities for entertainment, as well as study and TV halls, many of which have a separate integrated bathroom for each room. As well, there is a small refrigerator for each room
The monthly cost in housing and private internal divisions varies according to the services they provide and the number of people in each room.
The fee is approximately between 75-200 dollars per month per person, with options at different costs also.

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Rent a house or a room in house:

Many students prefer to choose their housing and dining partners according to their wishes, so this is the best option for them.
The price is not fixed and is affected by many factors such as the neighborhood, its proximity to tourist areas, whether furnished or not, and how much is far away from the university. However, the average is 500-2000 TL per month, in addition to gas, electricity and internet bills which is not that expensive almost cost On average, for a house of 4 people, the monthly billing group is less than $ 100 and varies between summer and winter, depending on gas and electricity consumption.

Public transportation always waiting for you

In big cities like Istanbul some transportation is available 24/24, Safe to use, Modern air conditioning and good ventilation, discount for student and It takes you to almost all the places you want to reach, transportation is available all over the city completely between its European and Asian sides, and it varies between metro, metrobus, tramway, municipal transportation buses and municipal ships that carry passengers between the European and Asian part through the Bosporus.
For students in general, whether citizens or foreigners, a big discount on transportation costs, where in Istanbul there is a discount for students on a monthly subscription, from 205 Turkish liras to 45 Turkish liras for the year 2020, allowing the holder of the transportation card to use public transportation 200 times at this cost.

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Average cost and variety of food

Turkey is an agricultural country and a producer of most types of foods. so the costs of vegetables and meats not high in Turkey.
The diversity of Turkish cuisine and its mediation between East and West gave it an international edge and fame in terms of the pleasure and diversity of dishes.
One of the most important features of Turkish restaurants is the quality of food and the high commitment to hygiene and safety standards, which is something that distinguishes Turkish society, who known as the cleanliness and arrangement. Moreover, the state monitors the operation of restaurants, food quality, and adherence to hygiene and safety regulations.
Despite the high quality and great variety, you will always find a restaurant that welcomes you and is suitable for your financial situation, especially students, where meal prices start at approximately $ 2 per meal.

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