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What is YÖS Exam?

YÖS Exam (Foreign Student Test) is an entry test for international students who want to enroll in Turkey’s higher education institutions in state universities.

The results of this exam apply only for students wishing to enroll in undergraduate programmes.

Language of the exam:

Some universities offer YÖS exam with more than one language, the language of the exam is determined while applying the registration.

Where and when is YÖS commenced?

YÖS (Foreign Student Test) is commenced on a date determined by universities, at test locations determined by universities. Tests generally start from April on, and continue until august.

The documentation required for the YÖS application:

For the application process, universities determine what type of documents are required. The documents can differ from university to university. the best way to follow the news of the exam is by following announcements from websites of relevant universities. Our recommendation is translate Diploma, transcript and passport at the notary’s public office.

Type of questions:

Generally, the exam consists of 80 questions, they are distributed nearly as follows:
40 General Ability (IQ), 30 questions Math test and 10 questions Geometry test.
Some exam includes General knowledge questions.

Exam duration:

Exam duration is generally planned between 100 and 150 minutes.

The cost of the exam:

There is a big difference between universities for YÖS exam prices, in general it cost between 40-650 TL.

Validity of the exam:

Some exams are valid for two years, and some are for one year only.

Announcing the results:

YÖS results are generally announced by universities within one month after made the test.

Important advices:

Don’t forget It is a test that does not have many common criteria among universities because in the end it depends on the vision of each university in the method of sorting students, The number of universities is huge, so you have to know these percentages and the details for each test before you start the registration and what is required of you to determine your arrival to an excellent degree gives you priority in the trade-off.
Some university YÖS examination is acceptable in other universities and you can apply by using it. For example, Istanbul university YÖS exam is accepted in another 70 university approximately.